Tube tool adjustments/customization


Quick question/feature request.

I’d like to be able to set a default thickness and tesselation for tubes. i use these a lot for cel shaded edges and also to carve out panels, so draw these a lot. ( maybe saved into the tool settings similar to brushes)

The default setting is chunkier than I would like. Also the tesselation is higher than I need at times. Is it possible to set the start values?( if not then feature request). Ex:… let’s say initially generation is always .002, tessellated to 8 . Then it’s closer to a slimmer tube. So maybe I could create a button for thick tubes, another for medium and another for small.

Also second question/feature request ( if it’s not possible)

I love the snap of the tubes to the surface. However it doesn’t always work, but if I rotate around the tube doesn’t follow the mesh, so I have to commit the tube, at that point though if I rotate and see points aren’t snapped onto the model I have to manually move them, however they no longer snap to the surface of the mesh. So question/feature is, can we continue to have snap enabled when moving curve/tube points?. It would make placement way easier, without it, I must eye ball the curves in place.


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If you select a tube, it will reuse its settings when making a new one.
It’s not perfect but you can simply add hidden tubes in your scene as preset.

Yes I’ll add a snap button for tube.