Tube tools

Tube tool, can you customize the graphics, and can change the size and rotation angle of the beginning and end ?

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You have already the New update ???

Yes, I have updated to 1.43

Not yet for ipados :frowning: :frowning:

Update Check :slight_smile: incredible

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It’s amazing

This is really powerful. Implementation is like it should be. In the future it would be cool to add feature to use tileable mesh pieces with curves.

I’m looking for custom shapes for the tube tool on an iPad also. (I have 1.43.2)
Is it available on Android? :frowning:

There’s no custom shape for tube tool.

If I could use a custom tube, it would be useful for growing sharp hair…

Could that be something I can add to the feature request section?

Awesome Stephomi!

This is a dumb idea but could the width of the resulting tube primitive be variable along the whole length instead of just one end? Perhaps controled by a graph curve like that which is in the stroke pallet?


You are not alone

Yeah I second this one. Hair has always been tedious and the polygons soon mount up. The tube tool needs a way to keep its modified settings and more than just taper, but a good start though.

Are you kidding?
Last week there was no tube tool at all, but so many other cool stuff released. Like the week before and the week before and the week before the other weeks.
These five weeks are five years developing in Procreate time.
A good start:rofl: :joy:

I don‘t know any developer, if one person or a big team, releasing so many new features in such a short time.
For sure there will be improvements, sooner or later.

Never mind, but I thought it would be nice to remember us all, that Stephane is only human as well. Hard to believe but true.

But sure, editing splines afterwards with keeping topology options open is fantastic. A curve to edit radius over length does make all of us horny. So does a loft with several shapes along one path or a sweep with one shape along a path. But useable pathes just arrived THIS WEEK as well :crazy_face:


Editable 3d path for tube and lathe is for this week as well.
But the release after this one will take some time because I want to make every primitive editable in 3d and it’s a lot of work, so no rushing for this one.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi. I understand the programming difficulties, but it will take time. Zbrush in its early days was not perfect. Nomad’s interface is way better. This program is going to be amazing. The biggest limitation is iPad ram.
Zbrush professionals run on machines with 128 gig of ram and Ryzen cpus, but small is good. And creativity is better.

Thanks Stephomi

Will the update allow to start the tube at a certain diameter? I love it and want to do it for hair but Lining up the strands and then reducing them so they match has been difficult