Tube Tool ‘Alpha’

Would it be possible to have a set of something like alphas added to the tube tool so that it can extrude a shape other than round? The ability to add our own shapes would be awesome to.

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You mean, the possibility o change the tube profile? I think this would be hella usefull. Maybe not with alphas, but some option that allow us to change the tube profile, like 6 point editor, or some presets, would be usefull for hair.

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Yeah, this is a pretty common request. I think current status is (yeah, that’s be nice. I’ll see what I can do)

Current status is: it will be done some day. It’s one of the top priority feature.


Please consider to add scale/rotate per point as well.
Mega cool would be alpha/shape per point, like loft in 3Ds max I.e.
And selectable caps like flat, half sphere, cone :vulcan_salute:
Anyway, a simple alpha or shape would be a blast already.