Tube tool long term wish list

For calligrapher:
-Simple taper function. Radius is cool. But a line with plenty points has it challenges.
Taper start with percent end position, end with percent start position. This common and easy to use.
Taper start 50% end 50% means radius growing till half of tube, then shrinking again till end.

intelligent simplifying for spline mode.
Spline mode needs much less points when correctly used. If there would be an adjustable anchor detection to switch to hard edge, one could simplify a curve very quickly and efficiently.

-curve simplifying parameters adjustable. This won’t happen, but would be nice for a few peeps. I am working with this on daily base to optimise graphics for laser output. Interpolation for bended curves, curve detection, anchor detection, over all interpolation, and point reduction I several ways. It’s super helpful, but I guess most Nomad users won’t get it, or even don’t think about it.

-import svg as curve :grin::grimacing::vulcan_salute:
-pressure to radius

Just an idea to open for different kind of customers.


forgive the short off topic intermission :speak_no_evil: Is this wish list format better than individual feature requests?

I have a ‘masking’ and a ‘reference image’ wishlist for example consisting partly of requests already scattered over the forum that seem a bit lost. I would delete them in favor of a bigger wishlist post

back on topic :grimacing: there’s a trick for the first feature request that might work for you. You can have a ‘pre shaped’ tube for reference, for example one that has a taper. If this is selected while you draw other tubes, the same radius settings will be applied to them even if they’re longer

i’d like to add a feature that allow user to create a custom shape to tube tool

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you can do that now with the repeater curves. Make a shape and then activate the repeater function and now you have custom tube shapes :slight_smile:

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Coming in the update after next.

But the 2-radius mode is doing that?

No. It sets a begining and an end radius and the radius is interpolated over complete tube length.
In my case, you define a general radius, a start radius and an end radius.
Forthermore, you can define at which percentage of path the taper reaches general radius.
Same with end radius.
Start radius 0,5, general radius 5, percentage 12%
Means tube starts with radius 0,5 and grows to radius 5 till 12% of path length is reached.
After Effects has an ease option which lets the line ends more round…a nice to have but not super important, but AE wasalready open to record in the moment.

Or one can draw a profile which is used for complete path length.