Creating shapes on the Curve Tube tool

The curve tube tool is really good but limitated to tube shapes:
It would be nice to be able to customize your shapes. if you want it to be a straps or anything else really.
As there is no clean workflow atm for anything like straps or belts that need clean tense shapes.

This could be just controlled by curve point on the ui.

Ps: Belt here has been created with the curve tube tool that I squashed and the result of this are not clean as an example


I think it will happen someday. it will be

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Eerily I actually had the the exact same thought today and was tempted to put a post up whilst also using the tube tool to create customised shapes. Small world for creative minds. Love your art work. Tube tool is one of the more recent additions to Nomad’s toolkit, I can image Stephane has more plans in mind for it.

This feature has always been requested, at least a dozen time.

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Good to know you have it on your radar.
Desolé pour le radotage :slight_smile:

So you know how badly we want it😀.

Since we are on a touch enabled device, why don’t you instead of using the tiny radius handles, use the left /right edge of the screen as a gesture field… For example, scrub finger at the top left edge to adjust the radius of the starting point, the bottom edge for the end point. Same even when all points have handles.

Right now most things are done with the pen or keys.
There could be gestures to activate AO, lighting or mat caps. Snapping views could also be a gesture or even voxelize.
Simple merge could be done right from within the viewport using a gesture “. 3 fingers down swipe”


You’d still have to go into scene menu to select the pieces you’d want to simple merge. I’d personally deplore a 3 finger swipe down feature for that (just expressing my view from consumer opinion if it was already a feature)

Not true. You can shift-select quickly inside the viewport and with a gesture trigger a “simple merge” operation.
Furthermore, I am not advocating a 3finger swipe per se. I am just saying why not using controls specifically designed for touch enabled device? Why are we using an IPad for sculpting? Is it just portability?
Menu diving has to be kept to a minimum.

In the case of the Tube parameters, I am absolutely sure that adjusting the radius with handles — which by the way are hard to grab if too close to the path-points — is an inconvenient way of doing so.
As i suggested…take a look at the attached gif

This is not only the opinion of a consumer but of an artist who started digital art in the pixel-age and has since worked on many big productions not only as an artist but also as a supervisor. I have spoken and listened to so many artists during all those projects and I think I have a very good understanding of what artists with focus on “ being in the zone” want.

Of course it is the Developer’s choice, but in my opinion, menu diving is the worst enemy of the creative flow.



Keyboard shortcuts fair enough, but not everybody is using keyboards with their iPads when using Nomad. Shift select ok for selecting a few big mesh’s, but lots of layer or mask extractions, can get bit clumsy finding them all and tapping them. Scene is just precise and quick - again, for me. I use an iPad because of its portable hardware capability, not touch screen gimmicks (only a blanket term I use, I just personally dislike screen interaction this way). I’ve never personally had a problem with using the radius handlers, I do a lot of very detailed and precise work with tubes and use them very successfully, I think they need more control so they don’t universally inflate but have more axis control. Not going to doubt your personal and professional experience and what you’ve encountered in the field, obviously is a territory you’re versed in. Menu diving for me really isn’t too much of an issue on Nomad since its UI is simple, but on desktop software yes, can definitely agree.