Oh the places you’ll sculpt…

Apologies to Dr Seuss for mangling a title of his. Thought it’d be interesting to collect the places, spaces, or circumstances you’ve sculpted using Nomad. Bonus points for pictures of proof.

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To start,

I had an upcoming 14-hour flight. What better way to spend some of that time in Nomad?

I felt like advancing on something I originally started in ZBrush, so for me, this was a way to see how well that workflow could be executed.

ZBrush allowed all the individual sub tools to be exported into their own OBJ files. Before leaving, I pushed that up to iCloud and in Nomad, had them all imported into a new project. Total size of all the files may have been 2MB and Nomad didn’t have a problem with that. In addition, the various parts all landed in the proper places and in the proper orientation. Saving this new project in the iPad Pro made it local so that I didn’t need any further WiFi access when in flight.

After drinks & the first meal, the 12.9” iPad Pro was pulled out. Size was perfect for the economy cabin seats. The next few hours were spent lifting the paw into position, adding array detail to the pedestal, sizing a temporary globe for the paw and prematurely experimenting with some textures. Some napping. Food service. Some more sculpting.

Filing out of the Boeing 777, the iPad Pro still had 25% battery. Remarkable to have this ability at 30,000ft, unplugged and not needing WiFi.

Thank you for Nomad @stephomi !


Thanks for sharing your experience using Nomad on your flight! I absolutely love using Nomad Sculpt when I am away from my desktop. But more and more I am finding how incredibly powerful it is coming from a veteran Zbrush user. Great work by the way!


While halfway around the world on the trip above,I find myself in the comfy backseat of a SUV zooming down some interstate, Since I’m not driving, may as well browse the Nomad forum. If I’m browsing, may as well post a how-to response on cleaving a boulder.

At 70+mph, some sculpting occurs, some screenshotting, & some forum reply composing takes place. With plenty of time left before the vehicle has reached its destination, the Reply button is clicked and no one’s any wiser on the circumstances of completing the post.

Not gonna lie, the “turbulence” in a moving vehicle is more jarring than what occurs in a flight. Fine sculpting down a highway is not a thing I plan on doing often — But Nomad DOES abide this activity should one wish to partake. :sunglasses:

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In those instances where I spent time waiting in the schoolyard queue for my youngling to finish classes, I always felt it could’ve been spent more productively. Thanks to Nomad, reclaiming this time of they day is now a viable option.

I suppose I’d find one of those steering-wheel shelves if sculpting with a bare iPad, but I’ve grown accustomed to some of the perks of the Magic Keyboard so resting on the center console is acceptable for me,

Finding a comfortable position with the elbow resting on the padded center has permitted one of my first vehicle-finished sculpt…

It also happens to be one of my first “hard-surface” focused sculpts. I used only three reference images, so by my own critique, I hit maybe an ~80% likeness.

We can’t omit his buddy, can we?

Nomad — There’s NO excuse not to be sculpting!