How do you break apart an object

How do I make an object like a rock or a block look like it has broken off pieces from it like a puzzle? I want the pieces to look like they could be put back together like a puzzle.

I’ve tried split but the cuts go straight through the geometry and cut out huge chunks. I only want to break off parts of the geometry around its surface as if it’s been chipped away or broken off

I played with settings and got this, I want what’s circled but I don’t want is the X and I’m not sure why I’m getting that

Sculpt a rock.

Clone some duplicates as backup and toggle off their visibility.

Make a mask window on the rock portion to chip away

Sculpt the depth and topology as desired. Clear the mask. Clone a sacrificial copy.

Make visible one of the INITIAL backup clones while layer-selecting the sacrificial clone as shown. Sacrificial has the sculpted chip & its visibility toggled OFF. Backup clone is pristine with its visibility togged ON. This is a setup for BOOLEAN SUBTRACTION.

Hitting the BOOLEAN whammy button uses the OFF-visibility object as the cutting tool on the backup clone. The mesh that remains retains the outter rock topology as well as the molded shape of the sculpted chip. We will never forget you, expended sacrificial clone.

Re-meshing on test-clones of the two pieces would be a safe way to clean up some of the over-craggly stressed edges.


Here’s a process

Basically shape A duplicate it to make a shape b out of it but make sure to keep the spare original whole shape to cut out of. Use shape b to then Boolean cut out of the original whole shape A.
Another way is to do the same but use any other random shape and Boolean the intersection the same way



Oh that makes perfect sense, Ty it didn’t even occur to me to do that!

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Great idea! Ty

Oh snap! nice really appreciate the video!