How to Split masked part through the obejct?


I’m starting sculpting some action figure, but the splitting is being a mess.
Once I have the mask selected, when I click on Split option on the mask menu, as you can see all is perfectly splitted except the waist zone, where only splits the front side and the backside but not all the inside part, why?

How do I split through a selection? like an square trespassing the 3d object?

Thanks so much in advance.

It looks like the Closing Action > Fill may be having a hard time. To properly close a hole like this you may have to cut it out a different way.

Maybe the split tool (polygon shape) will do a better job as it will try to fill the hill aligned to the view.

You need to use the boolean operations to properly cut out areas. This will change your geometry but its the only way to properly cut things out of other items. Its done in the object menu. make a copy of the cutter turn it invisible and select both item to be cut and the cutter. This will give you the desired result.

Thanks so much! I’ ll try the polygon shape and look at the resukt.
About the eeboolean substract, you mean to create a square duplicate and trim this square and then merge with the duplicated square? I ‘ll lose all my substracted square sculpted pants right? I’ll have a square merged to the body thst I need to reesculpt it? Or I missed something?

This is why you make a duplicate so you don’t have to resculpt anything. whatever you cut or merge will be gone as a separate object so its best to duplicate first then do your boolean operation on the duplicate .