Split - symmetry?

Bug reports:

Not sure if bug or just not implemented, however i use the Split alot and Trim alot. However using split there isnt a symmetry function. So if i want to slice a part off, i have to split one side ( ex: cutting off a detail to work seperately), then delete the opposite side and mirror it after the fact to get a duplicate across to the symmetry plane, now i can continue sculpting with the new split part. Trim seems to have the function ( Symmetry), but Split is missing it. Possible bug? or maybe a reason why it doesnt have that option? ( possibly more complicated as it creates a new mesh rather than remove from existing?). thanks!.

Because it’s complicated internally.

What I could easily do is split and then mirror it but it will mirror everything which might not be something you want.
With Trim, you can have some parts that are not symmetrical but still use symmetry in some parts. Although it’s probably not that common.

Id always take a Split + Mirror Combo. Generally speaking if i split a part off the left, im hoping it chops to also on the right and then mirrors the new part over and simple merges it to the left part. so the split create a new mesh with both left an right included. then you can continue scuplting and having the symmetry.

So the split essentially would perform a split on one side ( trim on the other), then mirror the split part to the right. If it mirrors the new part onto the right but that portion isnt trimmed then it would overlap and that would likely be more work to clean up.

Splitting isnt as frequent as trimming for me, but having it perform like trim would be great. If its complicated then maybe place that into feature requests/stretchgoals etc.

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: