Is it still possible to split then rejoin mesh?

I was away from nomad for a little while but since returning I’ve noticed a change in splitting/joining behaviour. In the past it was possible to split a mesh, thus creating a new edge, then immediately join a mesh back together into a single mesh (but now with a new edge where you wanted it). You could then use the smooth, move tools etc and the new mesh would behave normally. Now, however, when you split a mesh, there is a very small gap between the new pieces, and it won’t join back together properly.
I was wondering if this was intentional? It was sometimes helpful to be able to split then rejoin mesh.
However, I have also noticed that splitting/trimming is MUCH more reliable and accurate than in the past. I wonder if there was a trade off between making splitting cleaner and more reliable versus being able to rejoin mesh? It would be great if it was still possible to rejoin mesh, but having cleaner, more reliable splitting is probably a higher priority.

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I think with the introduction of facegroups in the next release, splitting / joining will probably not even be necessary as it’s currently a workaround.
If you do need to use it, there is now a sync border checkbox which helps.


Just tried the sync border option, it seems to do exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the fast reply.
It’s amazing how many great new features have been added to Nomad since I was last using it intensively!

There is 2 mode: Boolean (new) or Legacy (old).
You can toggle it if you go in the split option.

The gap isn’t intentional, I’ll check into it but I don’t know yet if I can fix it.
In any case, if I can fix it, it likely would only work on the Legacy mode.

Note that you can always go in the Debug menu and active and /increase the merge vertex radius option at the bottom. (Before using Join8

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Thanks, I didn’t know about the merge vertex option in debug, I’ll try it. Bezzo’s suggestion to use sync border (in masking) works great, so I can use that too. Cheers.

“merge vertices” was set to on as default at some point I believe… Probably makes sense now to have it off as default with the amazing new booleans that we have that people might wish to combine without merging vertices by accident.

welcome back btw :wave:

Merge vertex was always off.
Or rather, when it’s off its still enabled but the points needs to be exactly identical.

The regression here is that the split doesn’t output exactly the same intersection point for both shape. But it’s possible to do so (at least for legacy mode)

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