Trim Line Bug

When using the trim line on a old or new mesh the model is incorrectly trimmed. It only leaves a mess of polygons where the line was angled.
Other trim tools work fine.

I couldn’t replicate your exact problem ending in torn geometry. But symmetry & line do unexpected cuts here. Without symmetry it seems to work fine.

Yep, trim line works fine without symmetry but with symmetry on it deletes everything apart from the line angle or a chunk of area near the line angle. This wasn’t happening in the previous build. Hopefully it can be fixed.



But this time there is a workaround via rectangle and polygon. Just missing the angle snap from line trim tool for anything between 0-90 degree.

I see Stéphane has added it to the fix list. :slightly_smiling_face:


It still doesnt work.

It will in next release.
To keep you uptodate check out the Change log

To make it even more transparent Stéphane is offering the Web Demo, where most features are implemented to test before next release.

This is unique support and transparency for the users.

Next time I would suggest to check those links before and you’ll be better informed than with any other software. :wink: :vulcan_salute:

Thanks a lot. I couldn’t find that change log so the only thing I looked at was the changelog from the last update July 31th where it was stated that an issue with the trim and line tool and symmetry was fixed. That was the reason for my rather short comment.

I hadnt seen that web demo version either. Thats awesome and the software is too!

Having the same issue. Any solution?


The advantage of a forum over discord, or any other chatting, short living social media crap, is the possibility to find the answer close by. Just read the posts above. Just read. :hugs:

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