Split and trim tool bug

Bug reports this tool is not working right. The edges when trimming seen to round out .

I’m getting a bit of an issue with the trim tool as well. Not sure if it’s related, but if so I figured I’d add it here since it’s new.

I usually use the trim rect to get a nice flat cut before a voxel remesh for the beginning of an eye. I noticed something was slightly off when I went to start the rest of the sculpting on it with radial symmetry. Did it a couple of times before realizing that the cut itself is going at an angle every time. Was able to use the line to get it close enough, but it’s just faster and more accurate when using the rectangular trim box.

This was mentioned yesterday (I came to report yesterday and saw @razuminc already had). It’s fixed in the web demo, so the fix is coming.

Great. Didn’t have time to check the web demo, was between places and being sent out again. Must have missed the previous mention. Thanks though.