Trim Tool is acting funny

Bug reports the trim tool trims twice. It trims on the lassoed area as well as another area in the mesh

Disable symmetry?

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Here is a video on the matter

(Attachment RPReplay_Final1615747667.MP4 is missing)

Even after I reset the autosave the trim tool is still acting the same. When I use the lasso it trims in the lassoed area as well as another place. When I use the line tool it over trims beyond the designated area.

I can’t see your video in your previous post (maybe try again or post images).

Are you sure you disabled the symmetry?


Here is an upload of photos of what the trim tool is doing. Yes, even when I disengage the symmetry it trims in a different place on another part of the mesh

But the symmetry is activated on your screen.
The symmetry is saved per object, are you really sure it’s not the issue?
It’s the only thing that could explain it.