Navigate issue in galaxy tab s7

Hi, recently I bought the galaxy tab s7 to use with nomad. I configured the camera to be used only with my fingers and sculpt brushes only with the stylus spen. If I want to use my fingers I need to move the stylus away from the screen, This is normal ??? Is very annoying for me

That’s not possible but it’s not up to me.
Android/Spen blocks any finger input when the tablet detects the pencil.
Yes it’s an annoying limitation, that’s probably how they decided to handle palm rejection…

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Thanks you stephomi, what a shame. I was looking for the option to use a keyboard and shortcuts. These options are for pan and zoom as if using fingers, right ??
Even with a cheap 50 usd keyboard from aliexpress will work ?

Finger Navigation is much more intuitive than keyboard navigation, I wouldn’t want to trade it for being able to keep the pencil near the screen. Then again it’s of course a personal preference (I’m using the same hand for navigating/pencil for example so the pencil is natuarally a bit away from the screen while navigating)

But a USB keyboard would probably work with an adapter. Better would be a bluetooth keyboard, or the Clipstudio Tabmate.

Thanks, I want the keyboard not only to pan and zoom but to get a quick access to some tools that normally I would used the finger. I´m going to try with a bluetooth keyboard and if I dont get confortable I will abandond this app. My idea was use this software as an alternative to zbrush when I want to sculpt in the park ó in the coffee shop just for fun.

Note that iPads don’t suffer from the finger+pencil limitation, you can use both.
iOS only tries to reject palm contact (big contact area).