Touch Rejection App

I found this great app for Android users called Touch Rejection:

The app is in Korean but all I had to do was install it on my Tab S7+, open it and give it permissions and then touch was disabled. To re-enable touch, just open the app again (I drug an icon to my desktop for convenience).

It makes zooming in and out impossible but solves the loss of focus issue i constantly have whilst using Nomad (and Krita and even Samsung’s internet browser) on my S7+. I’ve tried gloves, which work sporadically, as well as a few other things but I generally end up spending as much time re-focusing my object as I do sculpting.

Anyway, hope this might be helpful.

Note: this should only be installed on an Android device with a built-in pen, like Samsung tablets with their S-Pens. There are a bunch of comments on the Play store where people got locked out of their devices after installing this app. :grimacing: