Support for Shortcut remapping (-> Joypad) - Android

Really love your Program - at least there is no alternatives for Android.

However, I guess you programmed it with iPad in mind.
If you use an S-Pen, finger interaction is blocked as soon as you come close with the Pen to the Screen.
Hence, holding gestures e.g. Mask-Icon + tip or slide down is really tricky within a workflow using the S-Pen.

One solution would be mapping some of these actions to the keyboard.
I already post a bug report, as Shortcuts do not work correctly - at least for the attached s7 keyboard.

Moreover: On PC (Blender) I mapped several actions on my Nintendo JoyPad (11 Buttons + 4-analog Stick directions) - quite a help for the most used short cuts. Would be great if you introduce a mapping feature within Nomad as well. Of course after the bugs are ironed out. Currently, as soon as I press one direction, I got the infinite pan bug mentioned in my bug report.
BTW: would be great to introduce it that way:
Press one button + direction (move), direction up/down (intensity), direction left/right (radius). Or even better: let the user deside. There are some remapping apps out. Simply record the joypad input and let it map to a pre-defined action.


I would like to point that there are 2 buttons on phones/tablets. Volume up and volume down. Some apps utilise them for undoing and redoing. It would be dumb and waste them and use it in this kind of task ofc. I would like to see 3 finger swipe for undo/redo. It works well on ipads procreate or even some other gestures.

I am using the same undo/redo shortcuts as Procreate by default. 2 fingers tap to undo, 3 to redo.

3 fingers swipe is for lighting rotation.

I’m definitely not a fan of using the volume down/up for something other than it’s original behavior.

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these gestures have become the standard! thanks for these gestures.the ability to use the keyboard cannot be ruled out, or, for example, some kind of joystick, for example, wakom or macrosoft. it would be convenient to rotate the washer to orient the camera or object. Well, let users assign actions, and then a standard is developed.

I just got a spacemouse (which is amazing) and have been trying to figure out a way to pair it via bluetooth (maybe via an arduino usb/Bluetooth proxy) so I could pitch adding support to Nomad, but that would have basically zero use to anyone else and wouldn’t be worth the dev time.

If Bluetooth/usb gamepads could be used for camera nav (and maybe buttons for shortcut keys), though, that would be useful for people other than me and my stupidly-infinitesimal edge case. :grin:

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Im totally with you.

keyboard input actually works. Im testing logitech k380 hooked to phone galaxy note 4. And there are things that work. For example, you can pan with alt+shift+pen touch outside of mesh. Zoom does not work unfortunately. You can initiate brush resize widget with “x” (pen has to be put outside of mesh). and bunch of other shortcuts works. Shift for smoothing, ctrl for masking, and substracting with alt. So it is possible to hook it with joycons. There is app called external keyboard helper and you can there remap all your buttons. Definitly not user friendly but doable.
@edit, there is zoom but you have to press alt and pen touch outside of mesh and then left alt and move pen. So everything is there, a bit different behavior and i could be in home.

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