Bluetooth device for shortcuts?

i was wondering if there is a way to use a bluetooth device for shortcuts.

so say the wacom express key as an example. would be perfect for that. Maybe there is a 3rd party app that can translate bluetooth inputs into nomad?

Since it supports keyboard shortcuts, a bluetooth keyboard would work.

I’ve actually been looking for a while at building myself a small programmable bluetooth keyboard/macro pad. Like, 10 keys at most. But even that is just because I haven’t found one to buy. :slight_smile:

Something like this:

If you find a premade one though, let me know!

I used k380. You can change shortcuts with external keyboard helper. You can use demo version.

For clarification, Nomad supports bluetooth keyboard for Android.
On iOS it only support the Apple keyboard.

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Aww. :frowning:

Do bluetooth keyboards get handled differently by the OS on your end? That’d be annoying to code around.

Actually nevermind, I just tried it and it already works on Nomad.

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The best bugs are the ones that you already fixed. :slight_smile: