Add custom support for keyboard shortcuts

The current shortcut experience is not very good, can customize the words is even better! :grinning:
Like Procreate and ArtStudio, AS supports more things, and the experience is more than one level higher than Procreate!

I use Nomad on an iPad Pro 12.9” 2018 model.
When I use ZBrush on my Windows PC I use keyboard shortcuts all the time but I do not use a keyboard. It is faster and simpler to program multiple keystrokes like Command Z to a single button of a Wacom remote or a gaming keypad like the old Nostromo. For my next Windows PC 2in1 laptop I will probably buy an app that lets me make custom on screen virtual buttons containing multiple keystrokes.
I use my iPad in my lap. Sometimes I’ll prop it up, unfold a portable Bluetooth keyboard and type, but there is no way I can easily draw/paint/sculpt on the couch or in a coffee shop with a keyboard for hot keys. I need one hand to hold the iPad and one hand to hold the Pencil.
I have looked at programmable VR game pads and the Tap Strap to program hot keys for the iPad but both are more awkward than useful.
I think it would be better for Nomad to adopt a programmable Edge Keyboard like in Clip Studio Paint or a thumb activated Quick Access palette (Clip Studio Paint) or radial menu (Wacom).

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