Custom Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts and shelf buttons

I just got a keyboard and using it with Nomad is great! However I’d like to change some of the short cuts to better match my Zbrush setup on my home computer.
Another thing that could potentially be nice is the ability to make some buttons that go on the lower left of the screen maybe. Having multuresolution controls down there or masking controls could be really helpful.


Yep and having an intensity control on the keyboard would be great too… doesn’t look like there is much interest with keyboard which is a bit odd. It is a much quicker workflow if you aren’t lounging on the sofa but at a desk or table.

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Agreed; I have a Zagg keyboard and I’d love to be able to map functions to keys (even if it’s just to toggle the UI or panels). Reducing excess arm and eye travel is a big part of speed in many apps.

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