Keyboard integration (Android) and shortcut bug

On Galaxy tab s7 with attached keyboard:

The shortcut integration seems to be different for the one on iPad?
On Android there is no ⌘-Button. However, the corresponding Button (I guess it is the OS-button) calls the Google Assistant. Deactivating the latter does nothing. At least I can neither call the shortcut overview nor do I know how to call undo / redo via shortcut.

Also there seems to be a bug with the move shortcuts (left, right, up, down).
Pressing it once let it pan forever.

On s7 the S-Pen deactivates finger interaction with the screen as soon you are closer than 1 cm to it. This makes the usage of your program more tricky as you always have to lift the S-Pen before any finger press is registered (e.g. press and hold the Mask Icon). That’s the reason I prefer using shortcuts - at least in other programs.

For the same reason I think about mapping some of the shortcuts on my nintendo switch joycon.
However, to do so I need shortcuts to work - especially for changing the intensity of a brush.

Would be great to give the shortcuts on Android more love!

UPDATE: after getting my Joycon connected with my s7 I realized, that you already trigger for joypad commands. However the bug mentioned above remains: as soon I press one direction you trigger a move accordingly. In result it does not stop the movement and I have to kill Nomad.

Knowing this: it would be great if you introduce a mapping feature within Nomad to assign shortcuts to the Joypad.

I can’t do anything about that, but the mask shortcut can be toggled as well instead of just being held.

I don’t have any Android keyboard at the moment so that’s why support is wonky.
For now I mostly improve the behavior through the user feedbacks (same with the Spen).

You should use ctrl instead of ⌘.
Is holding ctrl/shift/alt key working at the moment?

YesI want to do this, it’s just not top priority as most users don’t have keyboards.
If Nomad was available on desktop things would be a bit different.

Thanks for your response. Yes, the S-Pen behaves quite nasty - I hate it in other programms as well.

To your questions: Alt, Shift, and Ctrl works - at least they do something. Same for some other keys. Only the Cmd-key does nothing. So I cannot call the Shortcut overview. Btw.: It might again be a Samsung thing - they change behaviour alot. However, maybe you can map the Cmd key to Ctrl + Alt or other? Btw. Samsung calls cmd key “OS” -key.

Comming to S-Pen: Pressure works, however a more pronounced effect would be appreciated. For intensity and radius. You might consider also support for tilt? So pressure for intensity, tilt for radius.
The S-Pen Button does work very … strange, if even working at all. (I know you labled it as experimental). Actually, it most times do nothing or stuck something . I tried add/sub and smooth. Do you have a logging within the programm? I could post the result of some testing.

Maybe you can also have a look in the direction part (keyboard arrows or joypad input; -> infinite movement). As told - like for blender - I’ll try to map several keys and sliders on the left side to the nintendo joycon as well as the move and rotate tool. Avoiding this S-Pen flaw. So one hand on the tablet, the other on the joypad. Blender sculpting went so much better with such a tool while using a tablet. But the direction problem keeps me back.

It’s only for iOS.

There’s an intensity slider in the stroke menu.

For now I don’t really have time to debug this, but probably later.
The most thing important for me was to at least support the SPen correctly as it used to be broken Issue with pen (Android)

Something will change for the next release, so maybe it will fix the issue.

On Android. I found some shortcuts that don’t appear in the manual:

P print logs / performance
Delete deletes object

I miss the keyboard arrows :frowning_face:

I received my Android bluetooth keyboard so I’ll be able to fix the arrows issue.

Actually everything was broken, it should be much better for other events as well.