Best budget Tablet for nomad


whats currently the best budget tablet for nomad? samsung? huawei?
i had to switch my ipad pro back to a macbook for some other reasons, and look for a tablet thats not TOO expensive.

any tips welcome!


reading this:

has huawei this “issue” as well?
i guess best would be get a used ipad pro again?

Its a feature.
When using the stylus, you don’t want palm recognition.

Concerning your query, it depends how much ram you need.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite, it works and the pen is accurate. I got the LTE Version used for 200€, pen included. Micro SD Port is also nice.
Good bang for the buck, I consider the 4 GB Ram the bare minimum.

thanks - mh, yes i think preferably i want 8 gb ram and 12" - though then it starts around 600,-…
gonna look out for a used one as well i think

Yes same issue.

iPads only rejects the palm based on the size of the contact area. Finger inputs are still ok.

thanks stephomi!

Nope. No budget option there - sorry. If you want 12" you might wanna try the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. I’m using that one. Nomad works great there, but 4 GB of RAM means, that about 3 million verts is the limit (and there is no post processing active).

thanks! ok .- seems i need to get an ipad again. also i hope nomad is gonna make it to desktop (windows ) - as maxon makes crazy moves with zbrush… also i really prefer the sculpting and tesselation feel, over zbrushs sculptris mode… also with nomads proper perspective…

My iPad Air 4 has 4GB ram (so 3GB available for Nomad).
I can get 12M (two 6M spheres without UV) and save/load the project.
Having many objects is better than just having a big hi poly mesh, as some operation will easily crash.

Android itself is using more memory than iOS though.

thnks stephomi - that helps. gonna keep an eye on my local used market!

Not true! With 4 Gb RAM (ipad pro 2018) I can go up to about 10-11 millions vertices with Post process enabled.

I’d buy a second hand ipad pro or Air. Best for Nomad.

I used iPad pro 2018, iPad Pro M1, Tab s7, Tab s8 and Fold 3.

If you like performance power power power and more power…withou doubt buy an iPad.

If you like the use and possibilities of android, Samsung is your friend.

At this time im using for all my mobilities project my Fold3, and it is powerfull enought to manage lot of millions of polys. It works quick enough (but sometime (using dynamicpolys) I miss the power of and iPad).


I am using budget Xiaomi Pad 5 6/128GB with Xiaom smart pen.
It was around 400 USD, here in Europe, pen was ordered from Aliexpress.
The pen technology introduce small wobble to lines (esp. diagonal), so stoke smoothing is a must. I am quite happy with Krita, Concepts and Nomad.

Sculpting on 5.5M object (17M in scene/matcap) is quite usable (no fast strokes, but usable).

For my hobby use it has awesome money/performace ratio.
Samsung was bit pricey for me.


P.S. The pen is quite sensitive to magnetism. I bought a classic folio cover. And i was mad few times, bacause the pen was sometimes dead. It was pain until I figured out that its the magnets under the display. I bougth different cover and everything is fine.

You can try “partial drawing” at the bottom of the Debug menu.
It’s a bit buggy/untested but it can bring big performance difference on Android (if the stroke size is relatively small)

Yeah…well I guess there’s a major CPU difference between Ipad Pro and a budget Android tablet.

I gave it another try yesterday. Yes I can use multiple objects and go past the 3M (lower subdivision levels deleted). But then the performance during sculpting starts to tank. It doesn’t feel smooth anymore. It’s still doable but it’s really not the fun smooth experience anymore. I guess there are some major CPU differences. When I see Youtube videos of guys easily sculpting on 6+ million scenes on their iPad…well Apple clearly has the edge there.

Btw. - it’s the same with my Samsung Galaxy S10 as well. Here I just went up to 6+ million, but overall performance already started to drop at some 4M.

I’m not complaining. But I’m pretty sure, that iPads - no matter which one - outperform every single android device by large. The benchmarks don’t tell the whole story. Not sure what Apple is doing differently, but in this departement they rock. Recently we got new Macbooks (Air) at work. No active cooling for these boys. A colleague of mine is doing 3D CAD stuff one his one. That program features (for whatever reason) realtime raytracing. The Macbooks performance is flawless and that thing doesn’t even get warm.

Edit: I just used this Macbook Air and the webdemo and easily got up to 18M. No performance issues at all.

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