Nomad on XPPen Magic Pad?

So XPPen, recently came out with their Android tablet the Magic Pad. I want to get into tablet sculpting as currently I only have a desktop and would like to not only get out of the house more but have a way to sculpt/model/texture on the go. I’ve been looking around and have not found anyone talking about how Nomad performs on the Magic Pad. I’ve had a XPPen tab display before and quite enjoyed it so an android tablet from the same creator is a very tempting idea. Has anyone gotten their hands on it or come across a test of someone using Nomad on the Magic Pad I would very much like their opinion or the link.

XPPen store link

I would compare the specs to a samsung galaxy tab.
The galaxy tab S9 FE Plus it has similar screen size, ram, storage and price. Then I would dig deeper in the comparison, screen display, procesor, battery size and life, etc and then make a choice

How well does Nomad perform with 8GB of RAM? I’ve heard it wants as much ram as possible.

Check out Brad Colbow on Youtube. I think I saw him review that tablet for drawing only but if I recall he said it wasn’t the best drawing tablet with andriod and probably the same with Nomad.

Saw the video as well. But keep in mind: for sculpting you do neither need tilt nor are wobbly lines of a big issue.

However, even then - and that was the conclusion of the video - the S9+ FE is a better option.

Just published, just remeber drawing is less demanding than sculpting, so for sculptig I think is better the
S9 FE with 8GB ram version.

And personally after working on a 10.1 screen before I would choose starting from 12 inch and up so the S9 FE plus. Then you have the storage from 128 to 256GB

Then something cheaper could be the new samsung A9 PLUS with 8GB, but it doesn’t come with a pen, although it seems you can buy some alternatives that will work with it, but that is something that needs to be fully researched and compare all the other specs too (like the procesor), to see if the money saving is actually worthy.

… Samsung A-serie does not have a digitizer. So why should s.o. within art/sculpting buy it?