Request for navigation I can use (I'm disabled)

I have a disability (called Late Onset Tay-Sachs, if you’re interested). I have hand tremors and its hard to control my its hard for me to pan cause it is hard for me to keep 2 fingers pressing and move them in 1 direction at the same time, it usually. When I try to pan it will always accidentally zoom or tumble. One time (I never got it to behave this way again) whenever I dragged with 1 finger, it panned, when I pinched, it zoomed, and it would only tumble if I dragged over the view cube. If that was an error, can you figure out how to replicate it an make it an option, that you can turn on you if you want, to make it behave that way? If it already is an option, can you tell me how to activate it?

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Are you using an Apple Pencil?

If so, inside the Gesture menu you can choose some of these settings. Hopefully this helps.

Set to:
Camera - Set to Finger
Sculpt - Set to Stylus

This makes it so one finger drag will rotate, two fingers pinch will zoom, two fingers dragging will pan.

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thanks, but no that doesn’t help. Its hard for me to have 2 fingers on the screen at the same time, moving in the same direction, and moving at the same time. I need pinch zoom, 1 finger drag pan, and 1 finger drag over the view
cube tumble

It was probably a bug.

For now, the only way to pan with 1 finger is to use the iOS AssistiveTouch.
You can customize the menu to make it easier to access double tap, pinch and drag.
(the 2-fingers option for drag is under the control menu, unfortunately it seems you cannot move some options as top level menu, so you need an extra tap).

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I know it was probably a bug. I’m hoping the developer sees this and tries to recreate the bug and make it an option

I am the developer, I can add an option in gesture menu.