Greyed out files in export dialog

(I made this thread so I don’t pollute the other one which was about export crashing)

The greyed out issue didn’t happen before on Android 11 with 1.36. It’s not just visual, it looks like Nomad doesn’t have write permission on any existing file, even files it wrote itself, so
when exporting obj/stl, I have to type a different file name each time. It becomes a bit tricky to manage after a while.

(The File app on my tablet is version r_aml_300900741, I can’t install or uninstall any updates for it)

Ah yes I can fix that.

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Thanks for fixing it very quickly.

One small issue, In Render>Export png there’s a similar thing going on with the overwrite/greyed out

Are you sure? The png files are not greyed, only the other files are.

Ok I see seems only an issue when using the google drive folder and png files written by Nomad itself in combination.

Just checked some other folders (pictures, download) there it works. png files nomally copied into google drive work too.

(Export obj/stl/gltf overwrite works fine in the google drive folder)