Bug when exporting texture in OBJ format!

Bug reports: Good night, when trying to export the textures with the primary UV map, the Nomad crash or file is zeroed! cannot be opened!

Looking into it.

Edit: fixed on 1.68 (For Android I’ll export a zip instead of a folder)

Still happens on 1.68. I’m on Android btw

Could you give more information?
Obj with textures? Or without?
It exports a zip and it displays 0B?
What is your Android version?

Double check that you are looking at the correct file (Android rename automatically the file if there are duplicates).

Nevermind, just updated. All good :+1:t5:

It cost! It’s working now!
So I’m a little bit having trouble importing Normal map.

I got it!! it was sound to add not MTL.