Black model for UV unwrapped models after GLB export

Hi all, unfortunately for UV unwrapped models I get a black model after glb export. When I open the glb file after the export it is shown in black. The problem also occurs with older models, for which the export worked in the previous version. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks!

You can send me one of these models.

Find attached the Nomad and Glb file. Thank you! (6.3 MB)

The image in the file is corrupted, so the issue is not in the loader (for this example).
It seems the issue was in the previous version when saving the image (do you remember the format?).

If you can load one of the glb in but it doesn’t work in Nomad, then that’s different and it means there is an issue in the glb Nomad loader.

The glb file exports from the previous version are working fine. I can open them in the link above and Nomad. All files which are UV unwrapped and exported as glb file in the actual version are not working…

Yes the texture export is broken

Do you have an idea where this issue comes from? It’s same for every model I export as Glb with UV unwrapped textures.

Thanks for confirming, also came here about this issue. Looks like for glTF export all textures have zeros as bytes, and for OBJ export materials are mixed up. I was/am using Nomad for Global Game Jam. I’ll report back if I find a workaround for the time being.

No workaround until next release, except using obj to export textures.

Yes, my workaround is now to export is as OBJ, bring it into Blender and export as GLB. Is an upcoming release already planned ?