Android 11 Scope storage

Access to Android/data/ is now blocked by default.
You now need to use a File Manager app (it should be vetted by Google for approval), some information on reddit.

Personally I’m using “X-plore” for now.

I just updated Nomad to 1.37 and the export “should” work fine.
I could only test on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (but someone told me he got issues on the same device so I’m confused).

Please let me know if you got a crash on import or export (OS version, Nomad version, Device Version).

Export obj/stl/gltf works for me but files are greyed out so I can’t select an existing one. I can type in a new filename then it works but when I use an existing filename it gets renemed to file(1).stl for example. Import is fine btw, (Android 11, 1.37, Tab S7)

screenshot is stl but obj shows the same thing

Thanks, I got confirmation that the issue was with the “Files” app.
Apparently reverting the update fix the issues.

My “Files” version is r_aml_301501600, not sure if this is the latest version or not.

Sorry I put the wrong tablet btw, it’s the S7+, that might make a difference. My File App reports version, I can uninstall updates for the App, but then still have version and the greyed out issue remains.

I’ll try somethings later tonight.

I was talking about the “Files” app not the “My Files” app, I got confused as well.

The “Files” app is only accessible in the general Settings Apps section.

As for the grey issue, I think it’s simply how things are working on Android 11.
Maybe I can improve it’s low priority, I don’t really consider a bug.

The issue I was talking about is a hard crash when you try any export button.

I made a new thread (link above) because this is about the export crash.