Curl or Roll feature

A tool that would allow you you roll or curl an object would be useful. 

For example if you were sculpting a vine with a tapered tube you could select the narrow end point and curl up the tube into a roll or a spiral. The path and curve tool that exists is, for me, difficult to create a tight roll because the adjustment points always merge together. And stacking toruses (if that’s even the plural of torus?) seems unnatural and makes spiraling more labor intensive. Using the move or drag tool for this creates a lot of distortion as well.
Thanks for your time and for creating such an amazing program!

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For now it’s not planned, but maybe in the future.

A while ago I started something.


I was thinking more like this. I’ll find a way, I’m sure.

You could scale your tube up, create the curl you’re wanting, then scale your tube back down. This would allow more room so the dots don’t merge.

You can also turn on dynamic topology and use the drag or move tool to pull the curl around.

Good advice! I’ll give it a try.

Stephomi’s suggestion is fantastic and very hard to impossible to achieve with existing tools.
What you want, @SerenityArtLou is very simple done with existing tools. Organic forms are even more easy imho.

If you want more precise strokes, use higher lazy rope settings.


Just a few moments later.

Scaling the tube is unnecessary for better editing without welding points btw. Just zoom in.


Thanks for the input. I am relatively new to digital sculpting and am still learning all of the features. I will devote some more time to using some of the advanced settings. Thank you all for your advice!

This is absolutely no problem. We all started once.
But I would suggest to check some recourses before posting a feature request, or ask in help section first. Holger or ProcreateFX spent ages to present very useful tutorials for special user cases, like your request.
Check out his YouTube channel.
A pure treasure.
I am always astonished what kind of tricks he uses with Nomad and I am not new to sculpting in general, while Holger started sculpting with Nomad, not that long ago.

Small Robot Studios and SouthernGFX are offering some nice tuts for Nomad as well. The discord server is a good place for quick responses as well.


Thanks to everyone for the advice. I think I’ve got a better handle on it now. Zooming in was a big help. It’s great to have a community like this to help each other along!