Optional second handle for tube tool

The tube tool like it is, is seriously good and innovative.
If it would get an optional second level of control for not uniform radius….this would awesome.
Maybe the option to rotate Handkes as well for better topology flow? :vulcan_salute:


The ideal would be to have a circle with 4 editable points as needed or not, but it would be cumbersome on the screen.

Well almost. two scaling axis, three rotating axis.
That’s why optional.
The system like it is, is fantastic.
But some more hidden options would change the world.
Scaling to create a mermaid tail.
Split tube path for fingers.
Points following IK chain.

And now imagine, you would not need to validate?
You could start sculpting and pose and sculpt and pose….

A bit crazy :vulcan_salute:


That’s a lot but sure that would be awesome lol.

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How about if the cross section of the tube could also be controlled at those control points? Maybe controlled the same was as the current polygon with curved or flat nodes to create any form of extruded shape?