Minor Adjustment Request: Tube + Control Point Interaction

Hi Stephane, I hope you’re ok! I realise you’re probably incredibly busy with your work, so I appreciate you taking the time to read this! Please may I request a minor tweak for the next release (if possible)? That is to tighten the interaction with the Tube primitive ever so slightly (moving the control points/nodes wriggle and wobble a lot - makes it hard to perform precise, surgical adjustments) if this is doable that would be fantastic. Thank you very much! :pray:

Honestly, they are really precise. I can create anything I wish. Bezier, which is the superior control for some people, are no option, but I am not missing them. Just Zoom more. My2cents :slightly_smiling_face:

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They’re precise, but I extensively use Tubes for a lot - there’s a lot of movement and wiggle when you adjust them on their axis, zooming doesn’t cater for these adjustments you can just add more nodes without them cancelling each other out. There’s still a lot of travel, it’s this travel that affects precision when adjusting them - hence why I specifically said surgical to highlight the point of the travel.