Why are all my alphas in grey scale?

I have been making alphas and importing them to nomad sculpt. They have color when saved but when I import them as an alpha they all become greyscale.

The files are png or jpg. I dont know how to save as another file extension if thats the issue.
How do i fix this?

Below is the example I used. Simce I am a new user I am only allowed 1 image per post.

I recomnend that you read about alpha in internet

Alpha is can be defined as tranparency of the texture itself or “Alphas are 2D greyscale textures that can change the surface elevation on your sculpt in a positive or negative direction” .

Please Read this
Alpha from 3D Mesh | ZBrush Docs.

Now, if you want to use your custom texture as “texture”; import it in >>Tools>>Paint>>Texture.

Thank you for your words! Its painful to realize that alphas are by definition are greyscale.

I was looking for the texture option and thought it was changed to alpha with the latest update.

Since it has its own box on your screenshot; mine does not.

The screrenshots are similar, just click on the empty box.

The textures subsection has been removed to unclutter the UI (with the addition of roughness and metalness slot).

oh, i also lost at first