What is the best way convert my .png file to alpha?

I am looking to create alpha other than converting png to grayscale and using it.

Import into alphas and it will be converted to grayscale automatically

Hi @Bezzo, i was looking for method other than grayscale.

But alphas are greyscale!! You can import coloured images into the texture slot of a brush if that’s what you mean??
Your question is confusing.

Something like this in nomad sculpt

Like this?

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Thanks @RogerRoger
Was looking for something like this.

But that’s greyscale. I don’t get it.

I think he is looking for a way to convert an image into a correct heightmap - because a grayscale image is not automatically a usable displacement.
ZoeDepth creates such hight / depth maps but with no detail…

Yes you got it right, i was looking into getting alphas with proper height map, because if we use grayscale in our aplha we generally dont get the desired result, i.e the height is same and so details are lost.

I will try to reproduce and share results

This is because an image has no 3D information. There is only the option of using AI for this.
Or you already have a 3D object and use the Hightmap view and render this image.
At the moment I don’t know a perfect solution for this.
At the moment there is no good solution to create a working alpha with 3D depth and sharp details from a 2D image.
In your Blender video a png is NOT converted to an alpha but a hightmap is created from a 3D model ! The Nomad Hightmap option can do that too but you have to create the 3D object first !

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