Uv paint / node material app in progress

A workflow with import / export of a Nomad Sculpt model would be good for a video, not the donut. I’m looking forward to the video.

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Very Nice​:heart_eyes::star_struck: Keep it up man!

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Dear mecanic man😎, you are a good help for Nomad’s progress

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Great to see you are still active! Simply by the interface within your video I see you improve a lot!

…although - no news about your texture painting app on Android or within any browser (so available for all platforms)… That’s s.th. Android is still missing… And Procreate (iPad) is not pushing it any further.

Same for UV editing… There is an announcement from Pablo for “Uniform”, promising to provide all such (a “limited”, but “full package”) … I assume very expensive… Hence, there is some need - even for iPads… (and hell - Cozy Blanket, to have any real use - is horrible expensive!).

Nevertheless, you hopefully know that simple animations/shape bending (Ok - depended on how big your willingness to suffer is) within Nomad - by it’s layer system - is already possible? Of course, a full “shape key” workflow is of a totally different house-number. “shape keys” (whatever you will call them) w/o all other animation related stuff (Retopology, key frames, ARKit-compatibility, etc. ) is without any benefits…

I know … I’m nasty, that’s how we old frustrated physicists are…


Oh this is just some simple app which will tend to me needs just for now until some big company like maxon or blender decides to release a fully rigging / animation app, or perhabs stephomi decides to allow rigging of models :star_struck:

And you said theres a blend shape key for nomad?? Couldnt find it in layers either

No, I said you can use layers in nomad like simple blend shapes:

What Nomad is missing is a simple animation tab, where you can trigger defined layers with several layer-values by time stamp.

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Oh wow, wasn’t aware the layers were blendshapes, thanks for pointing that out!!

As you are a nomad animation masochist:

Nomad is a sculpt app - that does not mean, it is not possible to force it to do things it is not designed for. So… use your brain and play around - or simply use google search :wink:

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