Undo per object, not universal

Is there a way to undo steps done in one object and not only the last thing done?

If not possible now, this would be a great addition for those who sculpt with many objects in scene.

ps: I did a quick search in forum to see if someone asked about it.


Would be nice as an extra option.

Not sure it could inflate file size, but great as an option.

Im gonna vote this up as well. Sometimes you find out you made a mistake after doing 3 good adjustments to other objects. Or you just have a change of heart in hindsight.

If Nomad had undo per objects you dont have to throw away the good adjustments to fix your mistake.

Any other software where there is a per-object undo? Just wondering because I’ve used a lot of software for a lot of years and don’t think I’ve come across a single one.
It would be a killer feature in my day-to-day work on Autodesk applications for example.

This a ZBrush only thing. I found it confusing at first but then it turned out to be actually useful. You have more control over the state of your individual objects at the cost of not having control over a consistent state of the project. Not sure if having both at once could be an option.

It complexifies things.

Zbrush manual → “It is important to keep in mind that in ZBrush, some operations are not undoable. An example of this when using one of the Merging SubTools functions.“

yep complex indeed for example beginning with the decision whether an object level undo could be undone by a project level undo or not.

Also Nomad has multiple-object state level as well (for example mask + gizmo with multiple objects).
So undoing one of these would trigger all the undo of the respective mesh not yet undone.

It’s possible but it can be an headache, without mentioning the UI.
It’s basically a dependency tree, rather than a linear stack.

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