Separate Shells / importing OBJ

One thing I was curious about is importing OBJs say from ZBrush with multiple meshes embedded as (1) one OBJ.

An example would be a humanoid. If I have a mesh for head, mesh for neck, upper torso, abdomen… I usually keep these elements non-merged so I can manipulate until I need to, or have to. And if I have to merge to export in the beginning - I can unravel and separate the meshes within the next program. I throught Forger had this ability?

Is there a way for me to bring in my MULTI-MESH OBJ model into Nomad all as one combined mesh (not merged) and find a way to ‘separate shells’ within Nomad? …so each mesh can be worked on individually? Or do I need to import each mesh individually (ADD / IMPORT section) and rebuild from the ground up (could be quite a few meshes).

My goal is from time to time be able to bring a model already being worked on into Nomad to push digital sculpting on the fly. I was able to figure out this import process into Forger and it allowed for greater collaboration between software suites. I also could be skipping right over it and the solution is in front of me? Hope I’m making sense - thanks in advance everyone…

Yes on the next release there’s an option that does just that, you’ll find it in the scene panel, you can perform operations on the mesh.

Note that obj does support multiple mesh declaration, so maybe zbrush can export an OBJ with multiple mesh?

Thanks Stephane - that worked!