Reallusion Character Creator 3 (import/export OBJ)

Is any way how export/import between Reallusion Character Creator 3 (CC3+)?
I tried always to import characters in OBJ back to CC3 over Morph Editor.
Unfortunately, CC3 can export OBJ which contains more than one mesh and this mesh must have the same names for import again because use secondary help file *.ObjKey which software informs how to morph back each vertex of specific mesh to CC3. NomadSculp import OBJ and rename all objects into one mesh or rename them as “default”. When export more objects (meshes) in one file, then all are merged into one mesh. Too bad for CC3. Maybe can help with more detailed import/export in Nomadsculpt? Can somebody help? Would be great can use NomadSculp for this software which is native only for too expensive sculpt Zbrush. Absolutely best result would be possible to import/export FBX format. Is it possible for developers of Nomadscupt? Kind regards Martin

Hi, cool idea!

Have you been able to solve this?