Exporting layers to morph targets?

Just wondering, had anyone managed to come up with a workflow for using Nomad layers to create morph targets outside of nomad for use in animation / character posing etc? Maybe for animation in Blender / 3DS Max. Just asking before I try it tomorrow. Idea I had when realising I can fully rig a facial animation using only 9 different layers in nomad - maybe a simple transfer to Blenders rigging system would create an awesome workflow?? Maybe I’m dreaming?? I’m guessing limitations would occur if making geometry with more vertices but would the different exports from nomad create geometry that other softwares would understand as “same geometry only some vertices have moved’??

I have try it before, with c4d pose morph, but I exported as two deferred meshes, need to have same number of vertices to work

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I know the limitation is vertex numbers but does nomad export baked layer information with same vertex order? Also, does anyone know what creates NON compliant morph targets? What can I do to a mesh and what can’t I do? Smoothing presumably just repositions the mesh & doesn’t change vertex order? I suppose at the least, I just have to look at the vertex number readout within Nonad to make sure that I don’t blow it? :+1:t2:

I’m not sure if OBJ can carry layers data. let me know , not many options when exporting so I don’t know

I don’t get the issue, layers are already exported as morph targets and it should work fine in Blender.
You need to use GLB export.

The painting on the layers will be lost though.

Thanks Stephane, I wasn’t sure if I was wasting my time finding out if this was possible. Do I need to export several files in different layer states or does the GLB contain all information (apart from colours of course)?
I would naturally have exported OBJ as first time I used GLB it was a massive file.

It exports everything, it’s the same as the Nomad internal file actually.

The painting on the layers is in the file as well but Blender ignores it.

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