Blender animation pipeline problem

I’m having a strange issue and trying to track down what might be causing it. I thought perhaps someone who has done this with nomad might have run Into a similar situation.

I do a sculpt in nomad and export in the glb format. I import it into blender and set up a human meta rig with rigify. I generate a rig. So far so good

However, whether I try to parent the mesh or a retopologized version of it to the generated rig I get completely empty vertex groups such that when I go into pose mode nothing moves

I do the same process with a random low poly human mesh and it all works as expected. What I’m wondering about is whether there is some setting on the exported nomad mesh that might be interfering with the creation of the vertex groups.

Anyone else run into this ?

for anyone else facing this I found the problem. apparently, if you have a mesh that has less than 1 unit in dimension, the armature algorithm can’t do the heat painting on the vertex groups. the mesh I had coming in from nomad was smaller than 1 blender unit in the y. I scaled the mesh up by 2x, applied transforms, and when I rigged it all worked as expected.


Happy you found the solution. My first thought when reading your post was a scale issue. There are quite often questions around the topic of “export to Blender doesn’t work / model doesn’t import” etc. This is because of exactly the same reason of small scale.

yeah I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out if my mesh was non manifold or the geometry was otherwise weird. that’s why I left the question up - I spent an unnecessary amount of time trying to sort that out and thought it could be useful to others using nomad.

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