Import/Export Bug

I find out that if I import some OBJ, Nomad Sculp completely changes the numbers of vertex of the mesh.
This is a serious problem because I cannot implement morph on the original object. I need for example if I want to implement sculpt changes to fbx model in 3ds max or other software. Nomad is great, but this fix would be possible to modify character bodies in Reallusion Character Creator, or in 3ds max through morph slider. Unfortunately is not possible to cause Nomad changes all vertex numbers mishmash.
Also, Nomad does not respect elements of mesh or attach them together and completely changes the names of objects. But it is the possibility to change in another software.

Why Nomad does these changes and is it possible to fix them?

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Settings → Keep topology (at import)
You need to reload your mesh after checking the box.


WOW great, numbers of vertex stay the same after import/export.
Thank You! :slight_smile:

Now is useable for serious morph using.
I used all experimental import settings but still, Nomad does rename mesh name to “default”
Also, base body mesh in OBJ is two objects body and language, unfortunately, Nomad attaches them together and exports them in one object. It is possible to fix it in 3ds max, but maybe just I do some wrong (?)

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Wait for the next release, maybe it’s better (I changed something).

Thank you,
I can assist if you will need it.

If you know Reallusion Character Creator 3, there is GoZ for Zbrush users. I do not own Zbrush.
I will gladly use Nomad for the sculpting of characters. I understand that is too much specific. But would be great for Reallusion users to have a more cheap alternative of Zbrush as I can read on Reallusion forum :slight_smile:
I can send you some sample model, or whatever can help.

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You can drag n drop the file in nomad - WebAssembly

Otherwise just wait for the next release and update this thread if the issue persists.