More operations in the history undo/redo stack

For next release I’ll add the post-process and object’s material settings to the undo/redo stack.

Is there more stuffs that you are expecting to be recorded by the undo/redo system?
Tools settings are already handled by tool presets, so don’t ask for it.

But I’m thinking some of the shading settings (matcap, environment, unlit settings).
Maybe not the switch between the shading types, but simply the environment/matcap selector and their respective settings (rotation, etc)


I am already very happy with the undo / redo recording.
But, the more extensive this function is, the better, but as I said, I don’t really miss anything.
Except, the possibility to save the history if desired :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Nope, it is perfect how it is right now because it redo the strokes but not the settings even at the first time after changing brushes, thing that sometimes doesnt happen in other programs.

I would agree with Holger on this one. Saving the history optionally could make a big difference
when sharing a model. I know that the filesize of the model (lz4) may become quite big, but it would be
a gamechanger in creating tutorials or showing more in depth how something is done.


Could we also get Light positions to have undo/redo history?

Or maybe better have the layers record light positions?

Everything related to lights is already handled by undo/redo stack.
Check the web demo nomad - WebAssembly

It doesn’t make sense to have mesh layers recording stuffs that is not related to a mesh.
PostProcess/Shading/Lights presets can make sense but it’s another subject.

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Ah, yes it’s working.
And it also works within the app as well. I didn’t realize it had changed. Thank you!!

Environment rotation/ setting would be nice