Post processing config save

Would be a lot useful if we could save the current post processing set, so we will use the same “shading” in a next project.


I need to chime in on this as it would be extremely useful to have “save preset” option for not just post processing. Many things like Decimate have multiple sliders and based on those sliders l, they can have a massive impact.

Sometimes I use decimate to save memory or to get a certain result, but remembering what I used last time to achieve a certain look is a bit annoying/time consuming.

I’d love to see, for any setting that has more than 2 sliders etc that there is a save preset/load preset option.

In regards to the OP referencing the Post Processing I believe not only a universal “save/load preset”, there should be an option to save/load individual settings per option such as a save/load for Bloom, Curvature, Depth of Field etc

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Post processing
lights including environment
Those two are creating the look beside materials and or matcaps.

Yes, that would be lovely and in most cases enough.

To make it an outstanding real-time look dev tool, a tiny gallery or at least a tiny list (not covering much view) with one tap access would be a blast.

My wildest dream would be a solution like in Ibis Paint with thumbs of actual sculpt already processed with preset.
If possible, that would be a monster for productivity, and a killer function!

Hi all,

Do you know if there was any new feature or improvement about saving/loading Post-Processing settings ?

Not yet man