Floating ToolBar for Lights 1.60

Really useful addition when arranging lights, thank you for adding this in update 1.60 Stephane. Just wondering for future updates if the ability to save lighting arrangements (different loud-outs essentially) could be possible if it’s not a lot of hassle. Much appreciated, thank you.

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You mean presets?

Postprocess could have something similar as well.
Or maybe presets that include both (and even adding the chosen environment settings).

I have already thought about that, maybe using the View tool as a way to save those, etc.

In the end it’s not planned for now, the correct UX to choose is not trivial.


Yes, exactly that. Presets. Similar to the way we can just choose HDRI environments, just different sequences that can just be tinkered with, going back to default afterward like standard with rest of the software. Look forward to seeing this in future builds when it arrives. Thank you.