LOVE the new lights manipulation BUT…

Was testing the web version and absolutely fell in love with the new light setup manipulation “nodes” (?)

What is the official term for the color circles you use to adjust the lights? So simple, yet it makes everything so much more logical and enjoyable. Great enhancement.

Now maybe It just passed me by, but I was surprised that you could adjust every major feature on the fly BUT the intensity. Having to open the light menu just for that seems like a missed opportunity and it’s probably me. Did I just not see how to adjust it without opening the menu?

I call them handlers.

I’m thinking on maybe doing something similar to the Camera node, or the primitive objects.

The top window has the advantage on not colliding with the gizmo. Sometimes it’s a bit confusing with all the handlers+gizmo on screen.

For the geometry primitives, handlers are a must but for the spot angle/softness I’m a bit more skeptical so maybe I’ll move it to the future top popup window as well (nothing sure, I’ll see how it goes).

The green dot handler (for direction) is there to stay though.

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Noooo, please leave the handlers as they are, it’s perfectly intuitive and fun. It works great for the primitives too but I feel that with the lights you got the 5 star of ergonomics going on. I just felt that maybe having the intensity as well (maybe with a rotation of the fingers outside of the circle?) would make things complete.

Just something like hold one finger on three dot icon to open menu. But instead just drag.
Vertical for intensity
Horizontal for Hue shift :vulcan_salute:

I disagree, the handlers for geometric makes more sense because they are tied to the geometric structure, but a point that simply float in the air… nah
Then you get several point and you have to remember which one does that.

With the buttons like the camera, it’s more explicit.

Strong disagree, it can only works with two extra parameter and very doubtful on feature discovery side. (I’m fine with some hard to find features but only if there are. I alternatives or if it’s a redundancy, like all the mask shortcut).

I’m happy with the geometry-primitive solution, dots where it’s needed and otherwise buttons on the top. I might even move the “…” out there as well.
But I’ll see later when I experiment with it.