Understanding new Textures feature (1.69+)

Alternative solution use the displacement map as a clay brush alpha and diffuse map as texture on a high density mesh plane with Drag settings and no falloff

But you can cheat a bit by editing the texture maps.

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I tried but, I’m not sure entirely I follower your steps correctly

Thanks Holger, I shall try and have a go at your technique here

Subdivided plane mesh to high resolution

Previous layer technique with painting glossiness will then work

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Thanks once again Steve, I must be missing something though, I believe I’ve followed as closely as possible but still not achieving quite the right look, see what you think?

You make those settings to a clay brush, select clay make a clone, add alphas & textures.

Make a fresh plane and subdivide a few times, then drag new mud brush from centre of the plane

The surface geo from the alpha will be sculpted and the paint texture will be added at the same time

From there you can add a layer to paint glossy wetness

I think I get what you mean Steve…

Followed your steps…

The result is not bad… perhaps not as clear as just using a straight up texture but…
I’ll show the result in the video…

Increasing the paint intensity should resolve those white patches in the initial drag process, higher mesh density should make the details sharper but you look to be close to you limits ram wise.

Thanks Steve. Yeah, I have obviously the other (old attempt) object (plane),+2x 4k textures in the scene so it may be adding up a bit much. I’ll try in a new file. Thanks for the white-away tip as well.

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I have also made a video about your question, maybe you will find something helpful.

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For anyone interested in AI or texture upscaling, as used in videogames, this video is very interesting: