Best workflow for considering texture mapping (learning mapping)

Hi guys wonder if anyone can help.
I am trying to create models in Nomad sculpt I am fairly okay with sketch up and blender.

Basically I’m trying to creat models of buildings in nomad, like I used to do here in sketch up:

But the story of discovery is that I came to start texturing in SU and found the limitations.
You need to consider rendering when you texture of course so I abandoned \SU for textures instead started to use for adding pbr textures to my models.

This wasn’t easy, as my models were just exports from SU and Sketchfab had no way of grouping/identifying groups, or sections of a model I’d made in SU.

so in the materials tab on Sketchfab, it listed a zillion different materials, each on relating to a separate piece of very uu-categorised geometry.


With the potential of texturing in nomad, and my new Apple Pencil being the fun item of choice.

I’m starting to think about… how should I consider texturing in Nomad?
——generally speaking, how are ppl going about texturing with regards to nomad?

I’m aware it’s a limited feature compare to a. Desktop solution, but I’m also aware fairly often ppl are using desktop programs to texture, and starting with nomad to do a model.

I I don’t have access to any desktop software at moment, so no zbrush or anything like that.

I know some pppl are using pro relate for texturing…
Basically I have about 15gb of textures of various types I downloaded from poylhaven I believe.

…I know v.little about procreate although I believe it started/main core function is as a painter/drawing program.

—that said, Im aware it relates well to nomad and ppl are using. 2 together.
-how good/ideal would ‘ProCreate be at handling texture files?

…or maybe I will be ok just trying texturing within nomad itself?

If anyone has any similar experience to mine or workflow ideas they can offer?
I’m just looking for guidance on how to go about my work.

I’m basically wanting to create and texture an old prairie (way out west), traditional American house from the last century, like the kind you’d see in red dead redemption 2.

It will take me a while to model in nomad , but I that is my goal (to learn how I can use nomad to create rigid forms/hard surface modelling), but I need to consider how u will texture it< light it eventually.

I have no hardcore rendering solution (desktop) at the mo, so may end up using Sketchfabs website real-time renderer, or nomads.

Thanks guys, any help appreciated.

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