Nomad, Zbrush, Maya workflow?

Hello, fairly new to the world of sculpting. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the Nomad, Zbrush, Maya workflow? Ultimately i’d like to texture in substance painter as well.

I’ve heard a few people online say that they usually start out a model in Nomad then move it into zbrush for the finer details. I’m wondering at what point I should move a model from nomad to zbrush? Should I just get it too the most detailed point i can in nomad then move it over to zbrush?

i’m also confused about putting it into Maya and have a low poly/high poly version of my model for texturing later. So if i sculpt a fairly high detailed model in nomad then pop it into zbrush, does that make it difficult to get a low poly version of my model for texturing?

Hopefully that all makes sense ha, let me know if you can shed some insight into this for me!


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