Rendering high polys outside Nomad

Hey folks. I generally do my sculpts in nomad and capture renders within but going to try exporting and doing realistic renders in a larger format outside nomad.

I’m used to making renders with CAD data which is pretty easy to render ( as it’s autounwrapped, efficient to render- 1 step, import/render) but for high poly sculpted models I haven’t tried rendering those in a long time. is there a good way to do it?.

Can u export out a multi million mesh and render that?. Or do most just do the old school - Decimate, bake onto lower mesh etc etc. I’d very least remerge down to a 1-2 million. But maybe that’s still abit much?. Trying to find the quickest workflow to get a model Into a renderer like octane/Arnold/keyshot etc. Without days of retopoing /uving something.

Thanks :).

You can render in Blender. Just change the color input in the shader node to vertex paint and you’re good to go.

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ah cool!, any poly considerations?. like dont over 1 milliion or it wont render etc?.

Do you use cycles? or another renderer @Glw

I’ve used both Eevee and Cycles for quick renders. Blender does an amazing job importing Nomad’s GLTFs and I haven’t had to worry about poly count. I suppose it ultimately depends on what you want to do with what you’re making in Nomad. :slight_smile:

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thanks!, this is helpful. yeah for me itll be some stills. nothing too crazy. so sounds like this could work!. :smiley:

See the Blender video in order to read the metalness and roughness painting.