EN: When I made some Big details scene with overall 30m polys and my IPad starts lagging. Of course you can use just Decimate - but its kills your paint details!
I try to find the wat to fix that. And I finded it!

This method can be useful for different scenario. For example you can export your scene in Gbl/Obj file formats with textures to Blender without any problems. And if you try to Export 30m poly mesh without optimization/retopo from Nomad to Blender - you will get Big laggs.

So Check my tutorial about how to fix that!


There is no way to optimize a model without loosing sculpt and/or paint detail.

Hi, Pls read carefully. do not add from yourself what I did not write. You change the meaning.

Optimize means reducimg the polycount, which means reducing the quality of the vertexpaint.

Did you mean reprojecting vertexpaint onto a UV-d low poly model?

I’m looking forward to the answer of Genkos question.

There is no other way than using reproject high detail and vertex paint to a low detail mesh with UVs and textures and normal textures imho.
But isn’t that just a standard function?
Clone, decimate, create UVs then reproject from high res?

But Razum gets nice results, maybe he has some special tweaks?

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As always, only money will show the answer. :wink:

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Yes I watched it and that’s basically it but it looks great! Congrats Razum.

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: yes this tutorial only for my subscribers! But I think you already know how to do that :wink: and who does not know, welcome to my Boosty. :blush::heart: