Decimate works great. From 19M to 40k vertices

I followed tips from @stephomi using decimate functions.
I went from 19 millions vertices to 15k (30K triangle faces). Because I wanted to share on Sketchfab on a free account, I was limited to 100 mo upload. So I reduced each part of my model this way:

Target triangles around 0.1% to 5% (instead of 100)
Preserve painting: 0
Uniform faces: 0.0060

Simple Merge all parts
Export in glTF 2.0
file exported : 2 Mo

I could have decimated less if needed some extra textures and sculpts, but I wanted to push Nomad decimation to its limits, and I’m very happy. Most of Sketchfab models are around 15k to 50k faces.

Now I need to figure out the best way to manage inside 3DCoat to Retopo for creating UVs.
Thank you, Stephane. Very good piece of software!

This model in Sketchfab: Crazy Scoobydoo


But there have never ever been a reason to reach 19 million vertices in this model.
It’s a good idea to keep vertices low from beginning. Use subdivision if you need more details.


Thanks, you are right, no need to go to 19 M. but when learning this app, you discover day after day tricks and tips and making mistakes is sometimes the best way to learn and perfect. And we are fortunate enough to get this great community around Nomad. Everyday I learn from others here! I posted this memo to help other to look for this decimation features if needed. :wink:

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19 Mils… Ffffffk yeah! Technology rocks!
I Rarely have a model over 2 Mils. though.

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Decimation saved my life.

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Yes I crashed Nomad a looooot of times in savings, or Voxel remeshes, slightly under the red parameter color! I need to learn how to transfer high def polys to, let’s say, height or voxel paint textures. Because it’s so frustrating to destroy every detail when I decimate!