Best external app to render vertex painted sculpts?

Hi there:) I am using Nomad on both Android and iPad. I do prefer to render with more lights on my vertex painted sculpts, so is there an external application that will easily show the vertex paint?

I tried Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag but could not get my vertex paintings to appear on the model. Well, in Marmoset the texture did appear when set to vertex , under the albedo channel, but it was a garbled mess.

I appreciate any suggestions. I love to paint in Nomad, but want a lot of control on the finished render. Thanks all and take care:)

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using blender and cycles renderer you can use this material graph


thank you:)

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np, for blender octane edition (also free) , this one

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Amazing, I really appreciate your help! Happy sculpting:)

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I searched through a few softwares before I discovered Keyshot (now in version 10) which is a simple solution for rendering vertex painted objects - through a much easier process than blender, but obviously not a free solution. If you have access to ZBrush then you can UV Unwrap your mesh and convert the vertex painting into to a rasterised texture map, which can then be output for use in other rendering environments.

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Thanks so much for your help. I’ll try a demo of keyshot.